We have several new projects for China Plate Heat exchangers

We Have Several New Projects For China Plate Heat Exchangers

We have several new projects for China Plate Heat exchangers

A heat exchanger has any lifespan of thirty years considering the new standards and new materials that we recommend. " Stanislas Baugé is aware that "young people today dream of becoming video game creators", but he wants to say to them that "boilermaker is a work that will always have a group of future": "The hand-d work is rare though the manufacturer has control of recruitment.

If we stop nuclear electric power, the French will pay 3 times more and I doubt they'll accept! Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse, one in the world's three manufacturers of air intake and ac systems, has just invested ON THE LOOKOUT FOR. " Nicolas Hulot, Minister for your Ecological Transition, pledged in China Plate Heat Exchanger July for you to close nuclear reactors, "perhaps approximately seventeen", to comply with the law on energy transition which aims to cut back to 50% the share the atom while in the production of electricity by 2025. 5 million euros in the particular expansion and modernization of its Campsas plant (Tarn- et-Garonne).

It is a new manual job that requires power, know-how and satisfaction but it is affected with a problem of image with the profession. That produces 400, 000 pieces per year, assembled on the main site of Toulouse. But Stanislas Baugé is not at all worried: "We have every involvement in making the nuclear power plants last and have the cheapest electricity in Europe. We have several new projects for heat exchangers and we have been going back to a quit parts market.Stanislas Baugé and Jean-Paul Picard also put forward the work of their 15 boilermakers and ten welders mounted on the nuclear pole: "

They don't make series but a individual work of 30 to ONE HUMDRED AND FIFTY tons which requires between TWO, 000 and 12, 000 hours dependant upon the devices


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