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Association copper excellent of life project of the water heater

The heat generated through gas combustion is transferred in order to water, and the better the particular thermal conductivity, the better the heat exchange. The industry has been using copper as a heat exchanger material for decades. The Heat Exchanger Manufacturers thermal conductivity coefficient of copper is 400 W/mK, next only to silver. For the past two ages, the water heater heat exchange..


We have several new projects for China Plate Heat exchangers

A heat exchanger has any lifespan of thirty years considering the new standards and new materials that we recommend. " Stanislas Baugé is aware that "young people today dream of becoming video game creators", but he wants to say to them that "boilermaker is a work that will always have a group of future": "The hand-d work is rare though the manufacturer has control of recruitment. If we st..


Tropicalia conceived to house an animal and also Heat Exchanger

"Between 7000 along with 10 000 m³ of waste material were brought here, wood, plastics and a lot of other things, but also asbestos, " claims Alexandre Spada, who is still wondering how you can clean everything up and depollute adequately. Each visitor will be able to appreciate all the riches of your unique experience within this warm biodome. As a result, Tropicalia, conceived to house an..